Some simple steps that can help you to become a money magnet

Posted on: September 11th, 2009 by admin

THE RECESSION has hit, times are indeed hard but if you clear a little room money can still come into your life.

This is the ethos of life coach, sales expert and Feng Shui consultant Marie-Claire Carlyle, who has published a timely book which she claims “has the power to transform anyone into the type of person who is lucky in life, attracts money easily and lives life with a passion”.

How To Become a Money Magnet offers a unique set of steps and exercises to better your financial situation, which are based on the author’s experience as a sales director who ‘never missed a target’ and years spent coaching people in the business, life and Feng Shui concepts which she has found inextricably linked to how we all attract money into our lives.

We spoke to the third-generation Irishwoman, whose father Humphrey Broad-Davies was a former player for London Irish with a family that hailed from Co. Kilkenny, and found out a little more of the steps we should all be taking to increase our wealth.

“The message is essentially around changing the mindset of people regarding money and success in their lives,” she said. “One thing I have found throughout my career is that when the mindset is in the right place things happen.

“As a sales director I had targets of millions of pounds a month but I found that as long as I kept an expectation that I was going to achieve the target, then it would come in. You need to shift the focus from the question mark of whether something is going to happen to believing it will — that can apply to anyone in any role anywhere.”

And when she says anyone she means it, ‘we all have the power to transform our financial situation’ she confirms.

“Whether you are a person surviving on benefits or the CEO of a company looking to increase their success.”

The seven steps she asks readers to take and the exercises they must complete are, according to the author, based on some key things which are pivotal to magnetising oneself to money.

“Changing your beliefs, both conscious and sub-conscious, about money is a key thing,” she says. “One important step is changing the way you talk about money.

“Talk about your business suffering because of the recession is not going to attract money; you need to give a more positive slant to the way you speak. Quite often the people who blame everything but themselves for their situation are actually not being responsible for their finances at all – and that is the second thing to do, be responsible for your situation.”

And she added: “Another huge thing is to create a space for money in your life.

“Money is only energy really and we are so cluttered up in homes and offices, that you need to start clearing space at work and home to let it in.”

Marie-Claire’s final nugget of advice is one that may appeal to those made redundant by the recession.

“It is very important to be following your heart’s desire in life,” she claims. “So those who are looking for a new career would do well to work out what they really want to be doing. The key thing there is that money is not real, it’s a by product of giving lots of value.

“That links to the strength of following your hearts desire in life, as if you are doing what thrills and ignites then the odds are you are following your purpose, doing which will bring that value back to you.”

Marie-Claire, also an Inspirational Speaker, was born in Penarth, South Wales and brought up in Chester, where she currently lives and offers personal life coaching packages.


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