Lucky Testimonials

Many people all over the world have sent us these Good Luck Messages about Paddymagic…

Paddy gives me something to smile about and makes me believe that there is magic

in everything in this world.

I believe in paddymagic because I see what a difference one person can make in

other’s lives. Today I helped cheer up a very depressed friend and seeing her

tears turn to laughter overwhelmed me with joy . Usually I’m the one that needs

to be cheered up so it felt great to give back to someone who always gives to me

What you think, is what you do!

P is for Positive,

P is for paddymagic

Paddy makes me a happy :):):) I love coming to!

I believe in paddymagic because it makes me feel that the world is really good

and people aren’t so bad. he give me peace.i feel good.

have a happy happy

paddy day!

Paddy magic is especially important at times like these when things are so scary

and uncertain outside their doors. Children can go her whenever they need a safe

fun place to go.

I feel Fanpaddylitious

I believe in paddymagic because we all to have some kind of hope and something

to believe in and turn to when we need to smile or laugh.

I believe in magic, that’s why I named my dog MAGIC

paddy is a cutey patutey!!!

Seeing a Paddymagic sticker would help my wee one think of her Irish Pap who left

our world. She misses him terribly, WE BELIEVE IN THE MAGIC! Thanks for making

our day brighter! Erin Go Braugh!

You can feel Paddymagic when you’re in an exam and your mind is muddled but

suddenly becomes clear.

I am Irish and believe in Paddymagic. My grandfather once picked me a four leaf

clover and all my wishes came true so I believe in the magic. Please send me a

paddymagic sticker so I can give it to my grandpa and maybe he can make a few


I believe in Paddymagic because he makes me feel special and loved!

paddymagic is real I tell ya…

after witnessing a rainbow just east of town by the river…I went there to

relax…found me a genuine one hundred dollar bill being held down by a rock in

the sand….real I tell ya!

Paddymagic is that special feeling of happiness and pride. I love celebrating

St. Patrick’s day with Paddy Magic because it’s something special to believe in

and have fun with. It makes me proud to be Irish !

Paddymagic is adorable. He inspires feelings of friendship, love and security.

Paddymagic make me happy!

Itยดs amazing! I have never been so happy before and itยดs all because of paddy. he

gives me a feeling of being “complete” and I really can trust myself now….I

know what I want to do and iยดd love to spread the magic around….

Irish pride forever and ever!!!

Feeling’: A scrumptious, warm fuzzy teddy bear your daddy gave you just because he

loves you!

I believe in paddymagic because I feel it brings me luck when I need it most and

I feel more secure about myself when I have it!

I believe in Paddymagic, because theatre are a lot of things happening you cannot

explain, and that means you don’t understand everything. So you have to believe

in something that is truth for you, because if you don’t believe in anything —

you are worthless

I believe in Paddymagic because all things Irish are real. I am a proud Irish

girl who loves everything about being Irish.

PADDYMAGIC is the warmth of a smile and the magic of a true friend. There is

something magical in the smile of a friend…Irish or not!

A Paddymagic feeling is when I hug my paddymagic bear and remember my lovely

vacation in Ireland, the best country in the world. And when I’m thinking of how

much I want to go there again… I Love Ireland and Paddymagic!

It never fails – everytime I see Paddymagic I feel closer to the homeland. One

look in his eyes and I feel spellstruck and blessed with Irish Luck.



I love Teddy Bears and think they are wonderful and full of magic they always

make me smile and I feel good inside. I think Paddymagic is extra special because

he was rescued by fairies.

Paddymagic – funnymagic

When I seen paddymagic Bear I smiled so big. He is the cutest bear ever and just

makes you full of hope with that bright clover on his shirt. He makes you happy

and cheery. He is a great gift idea and makes everyone smile that I show him too.

Paddymagic is a wonderful good luck

charm. As I am a wee bit Irish, I

believe that everyone needs a little luck.

i believe in paddymagic because I always believe bears and especially this bear. He

would not lie or do any wrong

I love paddymagic because I think it is sooo cute. It is my favourite site.

Manda Panda.


My mom had cancer and she only had a year to live so we decided to plant the

shamrock seed and wish it would go away and then we had a Paddymagic stone and we

kissed all the time. We took are 3 lucky irish pennies and hide them in the

garden and one in the house and I gave the last one to her and wished she would

live. Well today my mom is still living and has no more cancer. we wanted to

thank you.

Ashley and Mom

I believe in Paddymagic because it’s a feel-good thing, and I think that lately,

the world has grown tired of feel-good things, and we’ve forgotten what simple,

no-guilt pleasures are like–like licking cake batter from the bowl, and

believing in things like santa clause and Paddymagic. Maybe if people weren’t in

such a hurry to ‘grow up’ and spent a bit more time being innocent and

child-like, we wouldn’t be in such precarious situations ๐Ÿ™

Paddy magic is an inspiration to me. It makes me feel happy when I am down it is

the milk on my cereal it is the cream in my coffee and white on my rice. The

little teddy bear is a nice welcome note to visitors that is what made me wonder

and explore this wonderful site. I do really truly and honestly believe in paddy

magic and wish it all the best in the future.

I believe in Paddymagic because it is what makes the world of elation go round,

not momentary elation, but the stuff that life and the right path through

Paddymagic is built on. Gotta love it.

This is my first time to this site and I loved the feeling of hope and joy I got

from reading all of the inspiring pages. I wish that there were more paddymagic

in the world ๐Ÿ™‚ we could all really use some, especially in the middle east.

Paddymagic makes me feel good about wanting to be a better person. I love your

site and will tell everyone I know about paddymagic.

hi, I love paddymagic! and I speak french, partially, so I just love him, thanks

so much, have a wonderful second, minute, hour, day, week, month, year, decade,

century, and so on. GOD BLESS AMERICA!! thank you!!

paddymagic is…………….. great because it make’s you believe in something

and fight for it so everyone should believe in paddymagic because it makes you

feel warm and you can hold on to something in hard times

I believe in paddymagic because it makes me feel hopeful and

hope is the key to happiness

i believe it ,because i love it !

I think Paddymagic is great, and I know the magic works, because after the first

time I stopped by this site I couldn’t stop grinning. Paddymagic is hope, it’s

joy and it’s the wonder of Ireland!

Paddymagic makes me feel like I have a companion for life!

i believe in paddymagic whenever i see a rainbow.

paddymagic, one look and you are crazy after it!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’m always happy because of paddymagic! my life became better once I bought a

paddymagic bear! they are wonderful.

Paddy Magic is just adorable.

Growing up in Australia is great but I miss Ireland so much. Paddy makes me feel

like I am still at Home in Ireland.

My Paddymagic feeling is happiness. Happiness makes me believe in Paddymagic.

It makes me feel like a kid again, where everything is good and all the answers

are just over the hill. I feel like I have all the energy in the word to run

over a million mountains.

Paddymagic is like a warm cup of tea on a cold day!!! Not to believe in

paddymagic would be like not believing in love!!! I love paddymagic!!! Thank you


Paddymagic has to be the greatest, combine a teddy bear that is warm and fuzzy

with the mystery of magic and you have created Paddymagic , a mysterious

warm,cozy and wonderful magical companion to reflect on the mysterious of

everything magical!

I love Paddymagic! That Paddymagic feeling is the best thing in the world –

better than chocolate!

Paddy’s story is so sweet. He was feeling lost and alone until the fairies

befriended him. The fairies taught him how to share, and help others feel good.

And a little magic in our hopes and dreams always helps

ROCK ON PADDYMAGIC BEAR!!! You send the world a warm fuzzy feeling ๐Ÿ™‚

paddymagic is so fine, paddymagic makes me shine:)!

I believe that anything is possible if you put your mind to it & your heart in it! I love & collect teddy bears, so therefore I love Paddymagic just looking at him!!

I have a little angel up in heaven looking down on me & protecting me all the time- just knowing I have that, my own special guardian angel, is LOVE & miracles & everything good!!!!

Paddy is majic

He makes a big wish

For all the girls and boys

For their dreams to come true.

Paddymagic it’s Freedom and Power!

Be Green!

guten tag! Just wanted to say how much we love Paddymagic here in Canada! We

believe in the Paddymagic feeling because Paddy makes us feel like were not

alone, and that he shares our feelings! Thank you !

paddymagic is what makes me get up every day I believe in paddymagic because

bears are magical beings

Paddymagic gives me a warm fuzzy feeling in my tummy…and I love him!! =) well

in first grade every body in my class made a trap and put a piece of gold on it,

the next day everybody’s gold was by the window in a bag like he left it and

there was footprints on the floor it smelled like paint but my friend said that

when he was in first grade there class saw a leprocaion me and my friends BELEIVE


Everyone needs a reason to smile, and Paddymagic offers just that. Plus it’s

just a fun word to say!!

I like Paddymagic because it make me realise that I love my Mom and Dad, and

that everyone needs love from someone!


I am a foster mom, and have been for over 8 years. My own children are grown (son is married and expecting his first baby) (daughter just completed her 4 year university to be an elementary school teacher). What we love about being foster parents is the intense feeling of pride we feel when our foster children (we do ages 1-17) are able to accomplish something or move on from all the bad stuff that has happened to them during their little lives. Thank you

nights are cold days are fun but dont forget to spend them with your mum she

raised you well and bathed you when you smell so guarantee me this you

will go home and give your mum a kiss

I’ve seen it in my own life!

I believe in paddy magic because .. when i was a little girl… my teacher and

mom used to make leprechaun foot prints and stuff all over our house and room..

and stuff and then they totally denied making them.. so yeah .. but it was fun

on St. Patrick’s day every year. because the leprechaun would come and give us


because paddymagic is real.

I believe in paddy magic because I feel it all around and I share it with my


Paddy Magic gives you warm feelings and a sense of hope

Paddy magic give me feel peace, Paddy magic also give me spirit to continue my


I believe in paddymagic because paddymagic believes in me!

A Paddymagic feeling is when someone surprises you with something nice!

I once dreamt that funny little man was holding my hand to show me where there

was a bundle of money for me, the next morning I won $1000 in a competition I had

forgotten I had entered

Paddymagic has brightened my day! I’m 9 months pregnant with my 2nd little boy,

Quinn – and I’m fat, miserable, uncomfortable, grouchy, tired and hot. Yet,

Paddymagic has brought a smile to my face!

I believe in PaddyMagic because every time I think of him, he brings me

happiness! Whenever I make a wish to him, it has always come true and I do not

think I would be as happy as I am if I did not believe in him!

I believe in paddymagic because a rainbow has to end somewhere right? But have

you ever heard of anyone who found the end? Nope! that’s why there’s a pot of gold

for the ones who do!

May you always travel down the road to success and become the best person you can


Paddymagic makes me smiley and happy

I believe in Paddymagic because I was lucky enough to marry an Irishman who has

brought me lots of happy-paddy feelings!

Paddymagic you rock and I want to take you home with me!

Everybody believes magic is love.

So lets bring peace and love to our lives ๐Ÿ˜‰

Kind regards; Sandra.

Good Luck to Everyone!!!

All my Irish mates rave on about this site & I reckon now Ive visited I know why!

Viva La Magic Feeling. !!!

Paddymagic is when your ice-cream don’t melt before you eat it

Country: NORWAY

I believe in paddymagic and good luck!!! That’s because I was born under a lucky

star, that have followed me all my life!

Paddymagic to me is real. When I be nice to people around me and other things

mentioned in the introduction, something sensational would happen to me that day.

I would either get a fantastic gift or something that I really desire and I think

is wonderful. Paddymagic is REAL!!!

paddymagic makes me feel happy and magical because Irish bears are the ones who

really have the pot of gold.

I believe in Paddymagic because it is oodles of fun! I love it!

My kids believe in Paddymagic. They believe he brings them luck.

there are so many reasons y I think there might be and probably is paddymagic:








blue moons

pots o’ gold



blarney stone

kidney stone

lil green men


overcast skies












i think im done

love kurt

I’m feeling paddy whacky

The paddyfeeling is when you dont have to worry about anything and you are just

feel great!! like you are gona fly and when you are with your friends without a

care in the world!!

When one has completed designing and making a greeting card good enough to send

to someone special, one has a “Paddy Magic Feeling”

I experience the paddymagic feeling when I compliment strangers and smile at

unhappy people to brighten their day! I am a big fan of paddymagic. Please send

me a sticker.

I experience the paddymagic feeling daily! I love paddymagic!!! Paddymagic has

made me so happy…so send me sticker so I can spread the word and joy of


I love the paddymagic! paddymagic rules!!!!!!!!!!

One feeling I have is satisfaction.

Another one I love is glee. Yipee!

I’m hoping I’m going to feel them both

If I get a PADDYMAGICK STICKER sticker for free!

I love Paddymagic he is the best teddy bear in the universe his warm smile lights

up even the darkest days!

Paddymagic to me is waking up to a bright hot sunny day. The birds are singing so

sweetly. The magic of each new day is a blessing of all ,irish, french, english

etc. We all live under one sun and one moon. We should count our blessings and be

so thankful….

Paddy Magic Feeling: I believe in Paddymagic because i’ve seen the pot of gold

at the end of the rainbow!

To believe in Paddymagic, to believe in wishing wells, to believe in shooting

stars, to believe in fairies, that is what life is all about. It’s magical.

a paddymagic feeling is happy

Paddymagic is cool. It makes me feel so happy and should be told to everyone.

Paddymagic rules.


I love Paddymagic. It brings hope, love and unity in our family. Recently, our parents bought us a cat. We named him paddy jim! We love you paddymagic!

Paddymagic is cool. It makes me feel so happy and should be told to everyone.

Paddymagic rules

A hug a day keep the bad things away

I believe in Paddy Magic because it gives me a sense of belief that I dont find

in other things. It a great thing that I appreciate. I believe it because it is

something that I can relate to

Happiness! Excitement! Pride!

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