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Some simple steps that can help you to become a money magnet

Posted on: September 11th, 2009 by admin

THE RECESSION has hit, times are indeed hard but if you clear a little room money can still come into your life.

This is the ethos of life coach, sales expert and Feng Shui consultant Marie-Claire Carlyle, who has published a timely book which she claims “has the power to transform anyone into the type of person who is lucky in life, attracts money easily and lives life with a passion”.

How To Become a Money Magnet offers a unique set of steps and exercises to better your financial situation, which are based on the author’s experience as a sales director who ‘never missed a target’ and years spent coaching people in the business, life and Feng Shui concepts which she has found inextricably linked to how we all attract money into our lives.


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